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"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. I took a few test preparations classes and my scores have really improved. Thanks for working with me."

John McCoist

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In 1921, The Daguerre Club of Indiana donated a building in Winona Lake, Indiana, for the purpose of establishing a photography school. Thus was born the professional school, which was to become the Winona International School of Professional Photography (and later, the Winona School of Professional Photography). Winona operated classes for professional photographers each summer until 1984 when the school relocated to its Mount Prospect, Illinois campus, where it operated until 1994 when it was relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.  After several year of holding classes near Nashville, IN, the school returned to Winona Lake in 2015.

Thousands of photographers from all parts of the world have attended Winona classes under the instruction of some of the nation's outstanding professional image-makers. 

Christopher Williams, M.S. Ed., M.Photog., CPP,  is the Executive Director of the Winona School of Professional Photography.  He is president of the Daguerre Club of Indiana and former vice president of the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild.

Chris holds a Master of Science degree in Adult Education from Indiana University, is a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer and is a licensed Remote Pilot UAS.

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"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at the Learning Center. I don't have to drive across town after work to go to school. I just go home and jump online. This made going back to school easier than I expected.. I'm glad a friend recommended this."

Bradley Grosh

Indianapolis, IN                           ​June 17 - 20, 2019

America's Oldest School for Professional Photographers

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Christopher Williams  M.S.Ed.,