Jim Hamel is a Texas-based photographer and writer.  He is the creator of the the popular Outdoor Photo Academy and is a staff writer for the world's largest photography website, Digital Photography School.

He is the author of Getting Started in Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Take Great Pictures and Photographing London: How to Find and Take Great Pictures.

Jim lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife Susan and two daughters Hanna and Elizabeth.

​Jim Hamel

About the Instructor

In this class, Jim Hamel will teach you techniques for creating stunning scenic images!

Discover creative exposure techniques, how to make your images tack sharp (using depth of field and hyperfocal distance) and tips and tricks for composing scenic images.  Jim will share ideas for finding the best locations and you’ll learn the best times of day and conditions for shooting beautiful scenic images.

Learn how to find different ways to present a scene by using unique angles and perspectives, including the use of drones for getting new perspectives.  

You will master enhancement techniques to achieve stunning color and discover the best techniques for converting your images to black & white.

The course will include on-location shooting in Indiana’s lake region during regular class hours and offers optional after-hours field trips to area lakes at sunset.

Capturing and Editing Stunning Scenic Photos

Jim Hamel