Ted Linczak, M.Photog., Cr., is excited to announce his brand new program focused on the fundamentals of a successful approach to timeless wedding imagery.  This intimate, 3 ½ day hands-on workshop at the Winona School of Professional Photography will include the following topics as well as much more:

THE LOST ART OF POSING – Why posing is NOT a dirty word, and how it can radically change your approach to weddings.

LIGHTING THE WAY ON WEDDING DAY – An in-depth look at each light source you will encounter on an average wedding day, and how to use each to the best of your ability.

COMPOSITION AND THE “WOW” SHOT - Breaking down the most commonly used compositional elements and examining their relation to creating images that will stun your clients.

STORYTELLING AND THE WEDDING ALBUM – The when, where, and how’s of crafting your own wedding day stories, and its relation to award-winning album creations.

This program will include image critiques for all students, as well as several hands-on shooting opportunities to perfect the skills learned throughout the week.

Crafting a Wedding Masterpiece - A High Impact Look at the Wedding Experience

Ted Linczak, M.Photog., Cr.

PPA Master Photographers Ted & Rachel Linczak are the owners and photographers of Linczak Photography and Nuvo Images.  After starting their business in 2006, they quickly became one of the most sought after photography studios in Northeastern Ohio, and in 2012 expanded their market reach with the Nuvo Images brand in Charleston, SC.  Ted won the overall Grand Imaging Award (GIA) from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in 2016 for his album 1863, which was also awarded the Gold Medallion Award by the American Society of Photographers.  Ted received the 1st Place Grand Imaging Award in the Event Album category for one of his wedding albums at the 2017 GIAs, 

and has placed in the top 3 for the category in both 2015 and 2014 (3rd and 2nd respectively), and in the top ten for 2015.  Ted was named the 2017 Photographer of the Year in Ohio, and also carried the same title in both Ohio and South Carolina in 2015.  Ted has won the 1st place award in the Wedding Album category in the SEPPA Print Competition in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and won the 1st place award in the Non-Event Album Category for 2017.  In February of 2016, Ted was awarded the Canon Par Excellence Award at the SEPPA Print Competition. 

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Ted Linczak ​M.Photog., Cr.

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